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Harsha Vardhan, Technical wizard with a creative flair, founded Temple Bell Films in 2009 after gaining a vast amount of knowledge from his previous company where he worked as editor. Over the years Harsha Vardhan has directed and edited vast array of documentaries, corporate films, Brand promo films, TVC’s etc.

Harsha is happy behind the camera, in the edit studio, brainstorming ideas, writing or pouring over budgets. Having over 10 years experience in corporate video communications, marketing, web and television, Harsha manages a network of talented technicians and creatives, ensuring that Temple Bell Films deliver compelling video content to clients.


Our creative expertise lies in the pursuits of writing, directing, editing and delivery. Our technical skills are second to none.

Temple Bell Films has a proven track record working with companies and corporations, delivering compelling video to target audiences. We speak the language of commerce and produce video for distribution across multiple platforms, from corporate websites and social media to broadcast television and events.


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