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CM Shrisiddharamaiah Rally 2017-2018

From live telecast to live webcast, Temple Bell Films offers the complete infrastructure ranging from DSNG/OB vans (C-Band and Ku-Band), satellite segment, audio and video equipment, high-speed connectivity, and a lot more. Whether it is simultaneous or concurrent, our experienced team is capable of handling live events of various nature. The Karnataka Chief Minister rally of 2017 saw the Honorable CM address people from 93 different location in 30 days. To facilitate the live broadcast a team of 120 professionals and 4 OB vans covered a distance of 8000 kilometers in 30 days. The challenging part about the project was the need to do multiple live broadcasts, simultaneously.


Sneak Peak into our Past Work

Working with variety of clients from diverse backgrounds has given us the ability to understand an assignment from several perspective and work by choosing best approach.

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